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Let Us Introduce Ourselves

We are a fully independent cleaning consultancy offering you help and support – giving you reliable and unbiased advice.

What Makes Us Different?

Our in-house cleaning consultants and experts have proven track records in developing innovative cleaning techniques and methods, with decades of practical and managerial experience at the highest level, in delivering the answers to some very difficult cleaning problems in a wide variety of different industries, including adverse environments.

No matter how complex or how intractable the problems are, Futureclean Assured Systems will assure you complete confidence in our ability to support you every step of the way, and beyond with our commitment to on-going support.

What is a Cleaning System? And why might it fail?

A complete cleaning system is a combination of many different parts that must work together seamlessly. Some of these parts, like training, are often not considered to be important, but without all the parts working together the cleaning standards deteriorate. If you are in this situation here is what to do next:

The way forward – what you can expect from us

Step 1: Call us on 0330 2232 780 or e-mail and we’ll look forward to talking with you – you talk, we’ll listen. An initial enquiry usually lays quite a lot of groundwork. We’ll follow it up with more questions for clarification where needed.

Step 2: We will arrange a meeting with you to discuss all points and any further points raised and also any which usually appear to us. We’ve most likely seen it all before!

Step 3: Once we have satisfied ourselves that we have a firm grasp of your problems, then we can issue you with a detailed proposal of the way to go forward.

Once we are all satisfied that the way forward is going to make a difference, represents value for money, and is sound, then we will do the following:

  • Run trials of procedures where needed
  • Build a relevant safety case for your new cleaning system
  • Document every step to be taken and build this into an operations manual
  • We check and recheck all relevant legislation to ensure that your new system is fully compliant
  • We design, within the system, a quality control system to ensure that the new system delivers the very best in professional cleaning.
  • If you wish to maintain your current cleaning procedures, industrial cleaning procedures, etc. we will research, consider, and then build a safety case around them.
  • If you have a completely unique problem, we will provide a completely bespoke solution
  • And we train people in the system which we develop for you to use.


  • Advisory Services
    • Auditing
    • Gap Analysis
    • Risk and Safety Management
    • Specifications & Manuals
    • Design & Development
    • Specialist & Unique Cleaning Systems

  • Support Services
    • Facilities Management
    • Marine & Environmental Consultancy
    • Food hygiene and Safety
    • Infection Control
    • Hospitality
    • Industrial & Construction Cleaning
    • Technical & Process Cleaning

  • Training Services
    • Online
    • On-site
    • Practical 
    • Auditing existing training
    • Custom Course Development
    • Train the Trainer

  • Documentation
    • Cleaning Operations Manuals
    • Legal and Compliance
    • Protocols & Standardised Testing
    • Cleaning Systems Development
    • Hazards Analyses and Assessment

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Not sure where to start?

Give us a call for a no obligation review.

0330 2232 780

Where We Work

Futureclean Assured Systems has the capability and the detailed experience of working in many varied industries.

Whether you are in food industry, facilities management, janitorial services, or you have a big problem in an industrial or environmental situation, you can rest assured that Futureclean will be able to assist you.

However, our services are not limited certain industries alone, but we have the skills and knowledge to transfer solutions from one industry to another, wherever you feel we can be of assistance to produce a very satisfactory required result.

Here are some examples of industries we have worked and are currently working in:

If your industry has a unique problem, it can be anything from a cleaning process problem or a cost reduction problem, why not give Futureclean a call today?

0330 2232 780

Sample Projects

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