Staff Training

We have been very privileged to have been asked to provide cleaning operations manuals and documentation, and dedicated training to organisations that employ or support people with learning disabilities. The valuable service these organisations provide help deliver the necessary and life-changing skills that enable people to enjoy complete independence.

Cleaning Support Services

Our wide range cleaning consultancy services covers all services applicable to a cleaning management team and cleaning businesses based in a wide range of industries like schools, nurseries, public buildings, offices and other establishments. Much of the support needed by management teams vary tremendously: our unique and objective approach will provide you that much needed support. Our expert audit and consultancy services, along with training services, will help you achieve greater efficiency and cost effectiveness

The domestic cleaning market in the UK is estimated to be worth nearly £3 billion, with more than 2.45 million households using some form of paid assistance in their home[1] It is highly likely that these figures seriously underestimate the true extent of the breadth of the market Since a significant proportion of the domestic cleaning market is comprised of small family-run sole traders or individual self-employed persons for tax purposes, there may not be any reliable numbers of persons actually engaged in domestic cleaning tasks. Now we come to the core problem of this very substantial market.

A complete cleaning system is a combination of many different parts that must work together seamlessly to meet the three most fundamental requirements of cleaning: Aesthetics, Hygiene and Safety. Most people consider the function of cleaning to be purely one of aesthetics – to remove...

A brand new unique online course in domestic and residential cleaning is now available! This course is also perfect for guesthouses, bed and breakfasts, small hotels and holiday homes, where a high standard of cleaning and appearance is expected without question; the lack of good...