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Cleaning Consultancy Introduction

The core work of a consulting firm is the objective and independent analysis (expert audit) of the client’s problem or project. Much of this work is carried out through a series of studies and audits, like Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies, and similar studies depending on the nature of the project. These studies will highlight the root cause of the problem, and sometimes with surprising and unexpected results.
To carry the project forward these results need an action plan: source (or design, if needed) and testing of products and equipment, develop a specification for performance and procurement, establish standards and develop manuals for staff to use. This is a very broad overview of the services we offer within our technical cleaning consultancy, and although the term ‘technical cleaning’ often refers to critical cleaning processes found in certain manufacturing processes, it equally applies to all commercial cleaning processes.

Futureclean Assured Systems has the experience and expert capability to deliver a wide range of technical services for your organisation.
Services We Offer


When the quality in cleaning is failing and standards are routinely missing the mark, the reasons why can often be complex and the consequences can create tension between all parties.

This is where we can help you.

The first step in evaluating existing cleaning provisions is to know where you stand now. To do that you need to have someone completely independent of all parties to give an honest and unbiased assessment.

We can:

Conduct independent cleaning audits for quality and performance

Conduct a ‘fit for purpose’ audit of existing training programmes

Conduct a Gap Analysis of existing cleaning and training provisions

Audit existing provision of cleaning products and equipment

This is ideal for:

New product design

Procurement Services

Testing protocols

When you need to procure cleaning products or services a standard should be provided so that buyers know what specifications are required for a product. These are:

Fit for purpose within a given environment

Cleanability, for as many different types of soiling as possible

So many buyers fall for a manufacturers claims, only to find that what they buy is not fit for purpose and in fact can do a great deal of damage both to a surface and to an operator. They do not have the technical knowledge to find a substitute product, however we do. As part of our technical support and technical procurement services we can provide for technical specifications, testing against designated cleanability standards which we offer as a completely unique service which we have designed, to establish the correct products which you need to buy.

Specifications & Manuals

Risk & Safety Management

A risk assessment is the careful assessment and examination of the various processes involved in all aspects of a cleaning operation. Cleaning processes are integrated in all industries, some industries rely more heavily than others like hospitals and food production facilities, but in all cases cleaning operations are involved. Where there are cleaning operations conducted, no matter how small, there is a risk to people (COSHH etc), a risk to the environment and a risk to the business. The management of risk is a legal requirement in all developed countries.

This service should be used for specialist cleaning system development. Other areas may be dissatisfaction with your current supplier or the products you are using are just not fit for purpose and are causing damage to your surface materials. We can design new and more suitable products or source out products which will be much more suitable for your requirements and they will be more cost-effective for you. They will be compliant with all current legislation regarding biodegradability, the newest WHO. WEL limits and any on-going particular requirements for ingredients.
Common Off the Shelf (COTS) products are designed for the broadest possible applications, which are more than suitable for general cleaning, light duty cleaning or when faced with non-critical cleaning-related problems. When cleaning problems arise that demand a high level of performance, specific surface material compatibility and a specifically matched procedure, COTS products are simply not suitable.
With our in-house and network experts we can design a unique product for your unique problem. Through our extensive network of business contacts we can source and procure products from manufacturers should that product match your requirements – All done independently from manufacturers and suppliers.

Cleaning Product Development and Design

Specialist and unique cleaning system process development

This service is ideal for those with problems with their current unworkable cleaning systems. Perhaps you are trying to make your cleaning system do something it isn’t designed to do. Maybe your cleaning does need to be specialist. Let us do due diligence on your system to see exactly where your problems lie and let us develop something new out of something old. It will be completely compliant with all your other systems, quantifiable cost savings with full quality compliance We employ our deep and thorough understanding of the whole cleaning process from a technical and scientific approach and apply them to the development of highly unique specialist cleaning processes.
Your new specific cleaning process could either a stand-alone process or integrated into your existing operations. This is where a unique cleaning process is absolutely essential; this is exactly what we can offer you.

Testing for cleanability and applicability: our brand new, unique, standard testing protocol for new cleaning systems and products for buyers to procure new products and services against. Why not take advantage of our new cleaning product testing protocol for cleanability?

What we have done in this series of protocols, is to:

Define what clean and cleanability are, exactly

Define what a cleaning product should do

Define in what circumstances it should perform, and the standards it must achieve to be acceptable

Have the information to be able to write working procurement and testing standards

The protocol for each customer is unique to the customer and their own circumstances, so you are getting a completely unique and individual service – which is guaranteed.

Standardised Cleanability Testing

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