Cleaning Support Services

Cleaning Support Services

Cleaning Support Services

Our wide range cleaning consultancy services covers all services applicable to a cleaning management team and cleaning businesses based in a wide range of industries like schools, nurseries, public buildings, offices and other establishments. Much of the support needed by management teams vary tremendously: our unique and objective approach will provide you that much needed support. Our expert audit and consultancy services, along with training services, will help you achieve greater efficiency and cost effectiveness

Cleaning Support Services

One of the major contractors of cleaning services is facilities management – the management of the built environment. Where there are large buildings, there is facilities management in each building or block of buildings. Facilities management is a multidisciplinary approach and cleaning forms a very large part of that approach since facilities always need cleaning, but, as a facilities manager, ask yourself the following:

Is the cleaning satisfactory and to a high enough standard?

Is the tender exact enough for satisfaction?

How do you work with your cleaning providers or do you prefer in-house cleaners?

These are some of the questions you should be asking. It’s generally not enough to state you want cleaning services, you need to know exactly what you want – and so few people do. By knowing exactly what should be done and how it should be done means that you get value for money and the cleaners know where they stand.

The fact that the facilities manager may not know anything about cleaning but relies on the cleaning company makes the manager look rather foolish if the work is not well done and so the contract may end up having to be re-negotiated. A lot falls back onto the cleaning company if they don’t know what they should be doing.

Here’s a little of what the facilities manager should know about their cleaning requirements and needs:

What the surface materials are and their properties and how to clean them correctly – architects are well-known for using difficult materials for effect and then someone else has to work out how to keep the materials in good shape.

Cleaning scheduling should be about actual area requirements, not by role

Setting standards, below which you should not accept the work

Different requirements for different areas – food preparation areas, dry ducting, problems with some surfaces for example

Cleaning is often as much about prevention of problems which may arise in the future since cleaning is the best way to uncover potential problems

Training the cleaners in your requirements and if you leave this to a cleaning company then you will be failing in your duty

Our wide range of cleaning consultancy services covers all services typically applicable to a cleaning management team as part of an overall facilities management structure, or an in-house cleaning team. Much of the support needed by facility management teams can vary tremendously: our unique and objective approach will provide you that much needed support.

In addition to our consultancy services, we can offer the following to cleaning and facilitiy management teams:

Procurement support for cleaning equipment and products

Detailed cleaning specifications written

Establishing cleaning manuals, routines and quality standards for cleaning staff

Training courses for cleaners incorporating best practice

Expert auditing of existing cleaning systems and training

Risk assessment for all cleaning-related activities, including slips and trips in the workplace and COSHH compliance in the safe handling of cleaning products

Contract and tendering support

Why not contact us today for help and advice if cleaning in your facility is failing or could be improved. Be sure that we can help and assist – even if you are in other parts of the world…

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