“Driving change through the cleaning operations in your organisation can be a problematic and painful process, with many aspects limiting progress.”
How can Futureclean support your change management?

Introducing change into your cleaning system is a managed process of a series of critical steps, taken one stage at a time, but be aware that cleaning change management is not a quick fix at any time. With Futureclean as your expert partner, we will, for example, identify the key constraints within your cleaning operations and implement tailored solutions to drive effective and efficient change.

Change management depends on:

  • Who is going to drive the change?
  • What needs to change?
  • Why do they need to change?
  • When do the changes start and when are they completed?
  • How are the changes going to take place?
Knowing what to change and how to change


All the way through your change programme, right from the initial consultation onwards we at Futureclean will support you, by advising, demonstrating, giving training sessions, whatever is needed, including producing new training and active documentation, to drive your changes forward.

What’s involved in change management?

Audits & Analysis

Introducing change starts with a systematic audit and analysis of your Cleaning Management Systems, including staffing provision. From this we derive the quality benchmark with which to build upon.


Following the audit we review and update of existing manuals and other documentation, and the creation of new documents. Good quality documentation results in consistently high standards.


Training is at the heart of change. Once change has been identified during the audit and analysis stages, and documentation has been updated to reflect that change, training sessions can be created to spread change through the organisation.

What to do now?

Contact Futureclean Assured Systems for an in-depth, no obligation, discussion in strictest confidence. We will give you a full and frank analysis of what is required from us and what we can do for you.

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