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Cleaning Consultancy Introduction

The core work of a consulting firm is the objective and independent analysis (expert audit) of the client’s problem or project. Much of this work is carried out through a series of studies and audits, like Due Diligence and Feasibility Studies, and similar studies depending on the nature of the project. These studies will highlight the root cause of the problem, and sometimes with surprising and unexpected results.
To carry the project forward these results need an action plan: source (or design, if needed) and testing of products and equipment, develop a specification for performance and procurement, establish standards and develop manuals for staff to use.

Futureclean Assured Systems has the experience and expert capability to deliver a wide range of technical services for your organisation.
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Long-established cleaning programmes often become tired over time, which is reflected by declining quality and cleaning standards. The first step in evaluating existing cleaning provisions is to know where you stand now, this requires a systematic review of all aspects of your cleaning services, including specifications, instructions, and operations (workflow studies).

To do that you need to have someone completely independent of all parties to give an honest and unbiased assessment.

We can:

Conduct independent site inspections

Conduct systematic reviews of cleaning systems and cleaning documentation

Audit existing provision of cleaning products and equipment

Conduct workflow review of existing cleaning operations

Conduct health and safety and risk assessments


While working close with you in reviewing your current cleaning services, we analyse your workplace and cleaning needs to identify any gaps in services.

We can:

Conduct a Gap Analysis of existing cleaning and training provisions

Conduct a management support needs analysis

Compare current cleaning systems against industry best practice benchmarks

Conduct workplace risk analysis


Everything we do is completely focused on providing you with optimal and measurable performance. Whether it is routine cleaning operations or specific and highly unique cleaning systems, being results-oriented ensures that optimal performance is always front and centre.

We can:

Create results-focused cleaning systems

Create specific, simple, measureable and realistic performance indicators (KPI's)

Create specific and unique cleaning systems

Create targeted training and coaching programmes


To ensure the entire cleaning operations are run at optimal effectiveness, and run at that level day after day continuously, detailed documentation is created.

We can:

Create contract specifications with contractor selection assistance

Create cleaning operations manuals

Create cleaning staff and management training documentation

Create risk assessments covering workplace cleaning operations and chemical safety


The implementation of cleaning systems is just as important as the creation of those systems. The roll-out needs to be managed to reduce disruption and to ensure all staff are fully onboard with the changes. Quality and performance indicators (KPI’s and Quality Checking Systems) are tightly integrated into the cleaning systems, to ensure cleaning standards are continuously met and the workflow is at optimal performance.

We can:

Deliver onsite training to cleaning staff and supervisors

Provide roll-out implementation

Create and implement performance indicators and quality checking systems


We don’t stop once every aspect of the work has been completed, we like to ensure the cleaning operations maintain a high level of optimal performance in the months after roll-out.

We can:

Deliver onsite post-training assessments (quaterly, semi-annually or annually)

Provide cleaning operations assessments

Provide continued operation and management support

Provide training refreshment and updating skills

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