Quality Assurance

Futureclean is based in the UK but has a global reach to solve your local problems.

Put a quality assurance programme into your facility cleaning today and see just what can be achieved – including extremely high standards! Call us now to talk about how we can help you do this.

The other big problem with cleaning is that there is no dedicated quality assurance system just for cleaning processes, so cleaners – clean and that’s it!

If it looks clean then you may suppose that it is clean – but it may not be. Why not?
The point about cleaning is that you are removing dirt and surface soiling by many various ways. You expect the surface to look clean but on closer examination it may be coated with ingrained dirt and this is the same with the whole area – looks clean but coated with dirt.

You will see that you have become too familiar with the whole area and you’ll be surprised when you take a very close look, especially when you have time away from the area.
So imagine what this looks like to users from outside – the customers, patients, etc. What do they think of it all?

Futureclean has designed a unique quality control system especially for the cleaning industry, which is driven by visual management. It can be used in all size facilities from the smallest facility to even the largest industrial or complex facility. If it is used as intended, this system delivers good cleaning at all times. It takes you away from the rigid application of your cleaning scheduling and injects flexibility into the work so that you can be assured that the cleaning is done to and maintains a very high standard.