Quality & Innovation

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leanLean Management & Costs Reduction Programme

The lean concept has been used in manufacturing for a number of years and is now beginning to find application in other industries, including the cleaning industry. However it seems to be being promoted and often misunderstood as a way of saving money by not needing to employ so many people.

ideasThe Change Management Programme

Change management is needed when things go wrong, businesses are being re-engineered, or just something new is added or something is down-sized to take a new market into consideration.

Cleaning is all about problem solving – and this system is all about using problem solving to change your cleaning procedures. So when those problems mount up as they always do – because without problems you wouldn’t be in the mess you are in – you can change things around by solving them.

QAQuality Assurance & Quality Control Programme

Futureclean has designed a unique quality control system especially for the cleaning industry, which is driven by visual management. It can be used in all size facilities from the smallest facility to even the largest industrial or complex facility. If it is used as intended, this system delivers good cleaning at all times. It takes you away from the rigid application of your cleaning scheduling and injects flexibility into the work so that you can be assured that the cleaning is done to and maintains a very high standard.

If you think that your problems can’t be solved – we say that they can. Would you like to find out?