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Futureclean Assured Systems has the expertise and professionalism to advise and support you in all aspects of your cleaning management systems. Coupled with market-leading innovative and our unique insights, we deliver optimised cleaning processes that considerably improve cleaning results, cleaning standards, and working conditions whilst reducing costs.

Why Use a Consultant?

Cleaning is such a critical part to the smooth and efficient running of any facility, that poor and inefficient cleaning can have immediate and costly consequences, and serious damage to the public image to the organisation. We can assess, advise, optimise and support you in all your cleaning services to ensure these consequences don’t disrupt your business.

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Our Approach

Explore our range of janitorial, commercial and industrial consultancy services

Our wide range of cleaning consultancy services aims to systematically analyse your cleaning operations, from the initial operational assessment to long term support.

  • Cleaning & Hygiene Audit

    • Site visits and inspections – Optimal Performance Reviews
    • Systematic review of cleaning requirements
    • Systematic review of current cleaning services
    • Systematic review of cleaning specifications, tenders and operation manuals
    • Time and motion (workflow) studies
    • Best practice and Quality audit

  • Assessments & Analysis

    • Workplace and cleaning needs analysis
    • Training assessment needs
    • Management support needs
    • Benchmarking and Troubleshooting
    • Expert Witness

  • Cleaning System Design

    • Results-oriented cleaning programmes
    • Specific, simple, measureable and realistic performance indicators
    • Specific and unique cleaning systems development
    • Targeted training and coaching programmes

  • Cleaning Manuals & Documentation

    • Cleaning contract specifications
    • Cleaning operations manuals
    • Staff and management training documentation
    • Drafting tender documentation
    • Contractor selection criteria

  • Application & Training

    • Onsite training delivery
    • Coaching and mentoring services
    • Roll-out implementation
    • Implementation of performance indicators and other quality checking systems

  • Ongoing & Long-term Support

    • Onsite post-training assessments
    • Cleaning operations assessments
    • Continued operation and management support and reporting
    • Training refreshment and updating skills

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Everything we do is guaranteed to produce measurable results


Long-term Support Programs

We don’t stop once the work stops!

With performance monitoring, semiannual checkups and refreshing skills, we can ensure optimal level of cleaning services


Training Services

The skills of the cleaning staff and cleaning management are the foundation to a successful cleaning system. We tightly integrate training into all areas of the service we provide, from an initial training needs assessment to refresher training.

Sample Projects


We provided onsite training to a well-known organisation based in central London with many employed cleaners. It became immediately apparent during the training sessions that some of the cleaning staff struggled with the existing written cleaning instruction and safety guides issued by the organisation. Where......

Our wide range cleaning consultancy services covers all services applicable to a cleaning management team and cleaning businesses based in a wide range of industries like schools, nurseries, public buildings, offices and other establishments. Much of the support needed by management teams vary tremendously: our......

We have been very privileged to have been asked to provide cleaning operations manuals and documentation, and dedicated training to organisations that employ or support people with learning disabilities. The valuable service these organisations provide help deliver the necessary and life-changing skills that enable people......

The provision of cleaning services is a vital part, either directly or indirectly, of any commercial or public enterprise, particularly as it can have a direct impact on the health and wellbeing of staff, customers and the general public. And yet with such a close......

This article starts with a true story about a tragic incident on a wet floor that resulted in severe head injuries and chronic mobility disabilities. This is a story which mirrors many incidences of the 1000-plus reported slips on wet floors every year....

Lean Cleaning and Team Cleaning Known as 5S this comes from the Japanese Kaizen in Gemba system of working and it’s ideally suited to the cleaning industry if it’s applied as it should be. The lean concept has been used in manufacturing for a number......

Cleaning Change Management Introducing change into your cleaning system is a managed process of a series of critical steps, taken one stage at a time. With Futureclean as your expert partner, we will, for example, identify the key constraints within your cleaning operations and implement......

Putting change management into your hands Oh we are proud of this one! Change Management can be tricky, now how difficult can change management be for the cleaning? No-one likes change and it is usually incredibly difficult to get it right, but it’s do-able when......

The domestic cleaning market in the UK is estimated to be worth nearly £3 billion, with more than 2.45 million households using some form of paid assistance in their home[1] It is highly likely that these figures seriously underestimate the true extent of the breadth......