Author: Rafael Cobos

Lean Cleaning and Team Cleaning

Known as 5S this comes from the Japanese Kaizen in Gemba system of working and it’s ideally suited to the cleaning industry if it’s applied as it should be. The lean concept has been used in manufacturing for a number of years and is now beginning to find application in other industries, including the cleaning industry. However it seems to be being promoted and often misunderstood as a way of saving money by not needing to employ so many people.

Cleaning Change Management

Introducing change into your cleaning system is a managed process of a series of critical steps, taken one stage at a time. With Futureclean as your expert partner, we will, for example, identify the key constraints within your cleaning operations and implement tailored solutions to drive effective and efficient change.

A complete cleaning system is a combination of many different parts that must work together seamlessly to meet the three most fundamental requirements of cleaning: Aesthetics, Hygiene and Safety. Most people consider the function of cleaning to be purely one of aesthetics – to remove...

Futureclean in partnership with ICSM Global is to be seen at Clean India Mission 2016 at Bombay Exhibition Centre, Mumbai from January 21-23rd 2016. This is a new venture which is being introduced at Clean India 2016 and between the two companies we can take...


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