Environmental remediation and restoration


Environments need cleaning and this can involve anything from internal building cleaning to external remediation procedures in areas such as slurry pits, waste water and oil handling facilities, land remediation in marine and land-based environments. Usually, these procedures will be part of an overall cleaning procedure put in place throughout an area, but can be employed as stand – alone procedures.

Services We Offer

Industrial cleaning procedures on large areas or just machine cleaning for example, can produce a high degree of difficult waste for the waste handling process:

Oil waste can be easily handled without expensive disposal procedures. Let us advise you on the best ways to do this.

Port side surface remediation procedure is not connected to marine cleaning but is more related to land remediation. Let us look at difficult remediation procedures and waste handling to see how applying some little-known methods can easily improve polluted areas

Industrial wash downs or cleaning always involves a high degree of reclamation and remediation with procedures required to handle all the waste from cleaning. Got problems in these areas? Ask us to overlook this for you and design a very effective system for you

Food industry waste, either as part of cleaning or part of process needs careful handling. We can advise on the best and simplest procedures to use. Slurry pits? No problem!

Detergent products produce waste which may be hazardous to environmental systems. Let us look at better products or detergent free cleaning systems to minimize or entirely eliminate waste products

For the best, most effective industrial and environmental cleaning systems, using our extensive experience gained in some of the heaviest industrial areas around (over more years than we care to mention) why not contact us? We can offer you a cleaning system designed to be fully compliant with all current legislation which is also completely safe for you to use. We are independent of suppliers and manufacturers so can suggest the right products and systems for you or we design the products specifically for your use where a unique system is required.
Whatever your problem is, before you start spending good money on systems which may be expensive and not altogether efficient , let us look at it all first on your behalf. If we can’t solve your problem, we’ll tell you so, but usually most problems can be solved, in a timely and super-efficient manner.

Sample Projects