Have you got any of the following problems?

Have you got any of the following problems?

Failing hygiene standards?

You have a servicing cleaning company or you have your own in house cleaners but things are going seriously wrong. There are big problems coming your way through government agency inspections, and the thing is, there are very big issues coming through with hygiene standards generally. So what can you do about it?

Well you have to put it right, but if you don’t know what to do, changing your cleaners or cleaning company won’t magically put it right overnight. Failing hygiene standards is always and only ever down to neglect, and lack of oversight from management. This is a quality control issue and nothing else. It is linked to poor cleaning standards but goes much deeper since there is always a wider range of people involved and affected.

If you have failing hygiene standards, then contact us. We’ll put them right for you and ensure that a rigorous quality control system is put in place at the same time, so that your hygiene standards become of the highest possible.

Poor cleaning standards, lack of staff training?

Obviously poor finishing on surface materials, lack of care, often cleaners don’t turn up, contracts going wrong for so many different reasons, sees these. Poor cleaners and poor cleaning can cause so many hidden problems as well as obvious ones, so it needs putting right as soon as it is seen. Make no mistake about it, poor cleaning can cause all sorts of damage to surface materials which eventually costs a lot more than wasted time!

A whole new re-think is required and the main cause of poor cleaning is simply lack of staff training. We recently heard of two cleaners who couldn’t get toilet cleaning done and it turns out that they had been doing the same things over three years without comment from the facility or the cleaning company. When finally asked about it, they admitted that they’d never had any training Is it any wonder that cleaners never stay on a job for very long or that poor standards are the result? Cleaning professionally is a difficult, demanding job and no, not many people can do it. Nor is it a demeaning job. It takes more knowledge than the average office worker uses or needs, so untrained people are very likely to find it very difficult work. Training cleaners in good cleaning practice is a good start and we have a full training course established for that to start with. However we can put together a bespoke cleaner training course for you if required, and which we will certainly give you, if you invite us to overlook and remedy the poor cleaning standards which you are having trouble with.

…and another thing. Those who actually contract cleaning companies also do not know anything about what is required from the cleaners nor how to achieve that end. Contact us for help with documentation, cleaning schedules, training courses, etc.

Poor cleaning products or equipment?

The amount of times we have noticed wrong cleaning products being used for the work being done! And then the subsequent damage. You need to know just what to use on what surface material and how to use it. Most people, including most cleaners, don’t know much about cleaning products. They can use cleaning equipment but here again some of it is just not correct for the application nor for the user. Why use very heavy mops and buckets when a smaller scrubber drier will do the work in half the time? So for procurement for effective products, why not ask Futureclean Assured Systems to establish a full procurement specification for you? We have established a unique series of testing for cleanability to establish manufacturers claims and are fully up to date on all legal requirements for product manufacture. We, having an industrial chemistry background, can look in great detail at manufacturers claims and either agree with them or show them to be fakes. Either way a wrong decision will cost a company dear. Let us talk to you about product selection and tie this in with a full consultation for tendering documentation, amongst other services we offer. We guarantee to save you some considerable costs. Contact us today

Too many slips and trips?

Here’s an interesting fact: of all the personal injury claims coming to lawyers, most are for slips and trips and most of them are caused by the cleaning industry – wet floors, trailing cables, etc. Its no use leaving warning signs around all the time. No-one takes any notice of them. It is more use knowing what’s on the floor and how the cleaning method itself contributes to the slipperiness of the floor when its wet. No safety floor is actually safe when wet and when poor- or the wrong cleaning products are being used it just encourages slipping. So if you’re receiving worrying reports of too many slip and trip accidents ask Futureclean Assured Systems to overlook your cleaning systems and surface materials before you get landed with a huge accident claim or two.

Also note that we act as expert witness and case preparation (shadow witness) for all areas of cleaning and cleaning systems, including marine and ship husbandry expertise

As an aside… more musculo – skeletal damage is caused by cleaning tasks than anything else. This is again down to lack of professional training so you should consider the possibility of potential claims against you before you just take on those cheap, untrained cleaners just so that you can keep the contract. Let us assist you by looking at your facility cleaning systems and suggest how to cover those gaps you might have with your cleaners. In fact we can change your whole direction. Contact us today to deal with these big potential problems. We’ll show you how.

Is your cleaning bill too high?

Probably it is.

If you don’t know what you are buying/sourcing and for what purpose than you will be spending more than you need

If you don’t know how to use cleaning schedules so that everything is determined at outset, you will be wasting money on useless cleaning companies using untrained cleaners

If you are magically entranced by a beautiful presentation from a cleaning company it will probably pay you to look deeper into why you want them and what they can do to solve your problems – which is why you need cleaning in the first place. You may well be wasting money somewhere. We can sort out your cleaning problems for you and show you where you are wasting money. Contact us as soon as possible for some help.

You have cleaning problems which are almost unique and appear unsolvable?

Some industries have very difficult problems, some have more simpler problems but we’ll bet you that most problems any industry faces are down to faults in cleaning something or other, from a canal bank coated in oil and similar deposits to corrosion problems, from a serious infection outbreak in pigs to one in a food factory or hospital, from component damage during cleaning by using an outmoded process to bottlenecking – strangely enough its all down to the cleaning process and its probably costing you a heap of money one way or another. No-one normally assumes that the cleaning is the core of the problem or the answer, yet it usually is. Futureclean Assured Systems is therefore ideally placed to sort out some of your most intractable problems and the more difficult they are, the more we like solving them.

Here’s a few ideas to be going on with:

  • Design a new process with its own inbuilt quality control system
  • Design a new procurement process
  • Waste water and waste oil control really is down to the cleaning system employed. This is likely to be overlooked but it is the single major factor. Change your cleaning system and you reduce costs considerably
  • Major pollution from industrial processes can be contained and handled to be reduced to, often, just water.
  • Very difficult environments need new ideas. We’ve probably got those ideas or we will develop them for you. In addition we have access to specialists in many diverse fields to help and assist with the viability of ideas we will propose.

However these are only a few ideas. If you have a unique problem you will need a unique solution. If this problem is one which a whole industry is afflicted with and it is still difficult to solve, then contact Futureclean Assured Systems for an insight or overview. If we can’t solve your problem we’ll tell you so, but it will have to be beyond unsolvable for us not to have some input to your satisfaction.

Please note these problems aren’t just janitorial cleaning or any of that type. Some will be by using our experience in detergent chemistry and bioremediation techniques or designing completely new processes.

It is to be mentioned that wherever possible all legal and environmental requirements are considered and our cleaning systems are always of the safest possible design both from an operator and an environmental point of view, so without being overtly dogmatic over “green” cleaning (most of which is hype and poorly done hype at that) you will get a safe but effective system