Industrial & Process Cleaning

Everything from intricate jewellery shops, through high-end fashion shops to retail chains and industrial process plants


Futureclean Assured Systems are experienced in delivering practical cleaning knowledge and solutions to a very wide range of construction projects, including some of the largest construction sites in the country.

All of the projects we have worked on have varied considerably in size and complexity, from small yet intricate jewellery shops through very high-end fashion retailers and spas, to work for several large national retail chains. Much of our other work includes large and very large new build and/or restoration food production and handling facilities, industrial process plants and laboratories (new build and restoration), and new housing estates and office blocks, among many widely varying sites, all with very different end user requirements.

Expert Knowledge

Our expert knowledge gained over the years, on a very wide range of surface materials under varying stages of construction conditions, and varying material conditions, is available to you and to your project – contact us to see if we can help you (although we almost certainly can).

Builders and industrial cleaning are some of the most difficult cleaning processes to do correctly due to:

  • Strict time constraints attached to construction projects
  • Conditions of surface materials, whilst new, are more often than not heavily soiled and must be cleaned thoroughly and carefully – ready to be handed-over to the client.
  • Working conditions are often difficult and potentially dangerous
  • Detailed expert knowledge needed for the correct choice of cleaning products and equipment, as well as the correct cleaning methods to get the work done on time and to the highest standards possible.

Research & Development

We are constantly updating our knowledge of surface materials, and designing new and more efficient cleaning systems. We use this knowledge as consultants and in our training courses.

Services We Offer

Full and detailed audit

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver a full and detailed audit of your cleaning and hygiene procedures, systems, products and equipment. This audit can be extended to include CIP (Cleaning In Place) systems and cleaning processes as part of the manufacturing process.
This audit and any work carried out will be conducted in complete independence of any manufacturer. The audit takes into consideration all environmental requirements, both external and internal and will comply with ISO9000 and ISO14000 requirements.

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver full and detailed infection control and sanitation processes, procedures and systems once an initial audit has taken place. These systems are integrated into the cleaning systems, and staff training and standards established.

Infection control and sanitation

Help with external hygiene audits

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver a full and detailed due diligence, before an external hygiene audit, to highlight any problems you have or may be starting to show, which could affect the outcome of the audit. Then we will issue recommendations for best practice and guidelines, which if fully implemented, will get you through the audit and will ensure that your premises are kept to the required standard. All these recommendations will come with a guarantee of compliance with the most rigid of hygiene audits and are guaranteed to be safe to operate in any circumstances.

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver a complete range of cleaning schedules and cleaning and hygiene procedures that are compliant with local regulations and existing HACCP system. Where existing schedules and procedures exist, these will be audited and improved to deliver higher standards whilst still being cost effective.

Cleaning schedules and procedures

Complete cleaning systems

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver complete cleaning systems that match cleaning products with cleaning equipment, including complete staff training in the use and all health and safety training. As independent consultants we can survey the global marketplace and deliver unbiased results that provide you the customer with the benefit. Should the need arise, a unique cleaning product can be created, or equipment can be specified and modified to match your exact requirements.

Futureclean Assured Systems can produce a detailed set of cleaning specifications that cover procurement, adaption into existing production processes and operation. These specifications are essential to ensure the smooth adoption of new technologies and to ensure a repeatable and predictable outcome.
New or improved cleaning systems to be implemented will be met with new or adapted staff training and operations manuals will be provided to ensure effective and efficient operation in the future.

Cleaning specifications and operations manuals

Restoration of manufacturing site, process plant and machinery to a high level of hygiene

Futureclean Assured Systems can design and implement a full cleaning system, procedures and training to restore anything from a single piece of production equipment to an entire manufacturing site, from virtually any condition to high risk standards.

In addition to the main audit of your cleaning system, a detailed risk analysis of your cleaning and hygiene processes can be undertaken upon request. This risk analysis could target a specific process or an entire manufacturing site; the scope of the analysis can quite easily be set according to the main audit findings or upon initial customer requirements.

Risk Analysis and safety audits

Sample Projects