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From a local office to a multi-location international chain with unique and complex production processes.


One of the major contractors of janitorial cleaning services is facilities management – the management of the built environment. Janitorial cleaning is a very large part of the overall management, and inefficiencies in cleaning operations can quickly lead to poor cleaning standards, poor staff retention and a breakdown in relations between all parties.

Is the cleaning satisfactory and to a high enough standard?

Is the tender exact enough for satisfaction?

How do you work with your cleaning providers or do you prefer in-house cleaners?

Here’s a little of what the facilities manager should know about their cleaning requirements and needs:

It’s generally not enough to state you want cleaning services, you need to know exactly what you want – and so few people do. By knowing exactly what should be done and how it should be done means that you get value for money and the cleaners know where they stand.

The fact that the facilities manager may not know anything about cleaning but relies on the cleaning company makes the manager look rather foolish if the work is not well done and so the contract may end up having to be re-negotiated. A lot falls back onto the cleaning company if they don’t know what they should be doing.

What the surface materials are and their properties and how to clean them correctly – architects are well-known for using difficult materials for effect and then someone else has to work out how to keep the materials in good shape.

Cleaning scheduling should be about actual area requirements, not by role

Setting standards, below which you should not accept the work

Different requirements for different areas – food preparation areas, dry ducting, problems with some surfaces for example

Cleaning is often as much about prevention of problems which may arise in the future since cleaning is the best way to uncover potential problems

Cleaning is often as much about prevention of problems which may arise in the future since cleaning is the best way to uncover potential problems

Training the cleaners in your requirements and if you leave this to a cleaning company then you will be failing in your duty

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Cleaning is of critical importance to the reputation of the company. It is simply not sufficient or adequate to reply on a basic standard of cleanliness – the customer will know and a poor reputation will be cemented in their mind.

Full and detailed audit

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver a full and detailed audit of your cleaning and hygiene procedures, systems, products and equipment. This audit and any work carried out will be conducted in complete independence of any manufacturer.
The audit takes into consideration all environmental requirements, both external and internal and will comply with ISO9000 and ISO14000 requirements.

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver a complete range of cleaning schedules and cleaning and hygiene procedures that are compliant with local regulations. Where existing schedules and procedures exist, these will be audited and improved to deliver higher standards whilst still being cost effective.

Cleaning schedules and procedures

Cleaning specifications and operations manuals

Futureclean Assured Systems can produce a detailed set of cleaning specifications that cover procurement, adaptation into existing production processes and operation. These specifications are essential to ensure the smooth adoption of new technologies and to ensure a repeatable and predictable outcome.
New or improved cleaning systems to be implemented will be met with new or adapted staff training and operations manuals will be provided to ensure effective and efficient operation in the future.

Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver complete cleaning systems that match cleaning products with cleaning equipment, including complete staff training in the use and all health and safety training. As independent consultants we can survey the global marketplace and deliver unbiased results that provide you the customer with the benefit. Should the need arise, a unique cleaning product can be created, or equipment can be specified and modified to match your exact requirements.

Complete and custom-made cleaning systems

Infection control and sanitation

The single biggest worry within the hospitality industry is an outbreak, even if it is relatively small and confined. Although it is virtually impossible to prevent every outbreak, it is possible to dramatically reduce the likelihood of one or effectively control an outbreak once taken hold.
Futureclean Assured Systems can deliver full and detailed infection control and sanitation processes, procedures and systems once an initial audit has taken place. These systems are integrated into the cleaning systems, and staff training and standards established.

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