Marine and Ship Husbandry Consultancy

Marine and Offshore consultancy, incorporating ship husbandry services, hygiene and infection on ships and vessels and ship care and maintenance.


Offers a wide range of specialised maritime and ship consultancy (AWL) services to naval and shipping line owners, cruise line owners and port facilities and port owners, as well as shipbuilders, designers and repairers. These services are also applicable to offshore rigs and installations.

The consultancy services offered are designed by, and delivered and managed by specialists with extensive industrial, chemical and MoD and Royal Naval background. With this background and its commercial independence, Futureclean Marine Consultancy is ideally placed to give you answers to some of the marine industry’s most difficult problems.



Futureclean Assured Systems has firmly established a long-term relationship with the MoD for nearly 10 years

Listed as a supplier on MOD Defence Contracts Online (MOD DCO)


The systems we will establish for you, are so much more than just “how to clean”, with many years’ experience in ship hygiene and marine cleaning consultancy, we know all the problems you face. We’ve seen them all before! We’ll happily talk to you about them.

We can safely say we know what your needs are.

You need:

A ship cleaning and hygiene system which works together with the ship’s oil handling and sewage waste treatment systems

Is easy and safe for ship’s staff to use

To control corrosion problems at source using our 4 step formula built into the cleaning system itself

To be able to control any potential bacterial or viral infection outbreaks before they happen

To be able to control costs of cleaning and maintenance products and equipment

To have a well trained staff in cleaning procedures.

Amongst other requirements

Ship husbandry is ship cleaning and hygiene but it is also so much more. A complete ship cleaning system must work in harmony with the ship’s systems. This means that there should be a very specific and careful choice of cleaning products, cleaning product handling and disposal, and careful use of sanitising products. Neglecting any one of these could lead to system failure in the Sewage Treatment Plants (STP) or Oily Water Separator (OWS), not to mention the risk of material damage.

With Futureclean Assured Systems, your ship husbandry and on-board hygiene procedures are in safe hands! We guarantee it.
Services We Offer

Strategic Procurement & Assessment Procedures

This includes our unique testing procedures for cleanability, and suitability for use in a marine environment. We’re independent of suppliers and manufacturers so you’ll get exactly what you need, not what your suppliers think you need.

Full training for ship’s staff in their operation, to the highest food industry standards. To lose passengers through a serious infection, caused by a breakdown in ship hygiene and sanitation, causes big problems to the reputation and profits of a cruise liner company. Good ship sanitation procedures need to be easy and simple to apply, but also effective. See what answers Futureclean Marine consultancy with its expert knowledge and experience of sanitation procedures can give you to control your ship hygiene problems completely. It delivers the information and procedures that will enable you to prevent Norovirus, E. coli, Salmonella, Legionella outbreaks, and giving you a much better hygiene – centred cleaning control system. Unless it is done to extremely rigorous standards, your ship hygiene program will fail You can guarantee it. We give you the program!

Health & Hygiene Procedures

Corrosion Control Procedures

Training procedures can be easily established. This is one of the highest maintenance costs of any vessel anywhere, yet it’s very easy to reduce this cost to next to nothing. Futureclean Marine Consultancy Services will show you how to really reduce and control the costs of corrosion. We are continuously researching hull corrosion control through simple and easy procedures and have all the answers you will need.

Can be established which more than control oil waste – they can remove it completely, quite efficiently and, on a costs basis, costing much less than expensive shore side waste oil handling measures. A good system of control over the oil and detergent wastes means that MARPOL 73/78 requirements can be easily met. Futureclean Marine Consultancy Services has the experience and knowledge to put in place for you good alternative waste handling procedures for oils and bilge wastes. The considerable expense around hazardous waste handling will be significantly reduced if not entirely eliminated, while the oil discharge PPM levels may get as low as 5 PPM. without any significant extra expenses.

Bilge & Engine Room Cleaning Procedures

Full Training For Ship’s Staff In All Cleaning, Hygiene & Maintenance Procedures

As you will see, ship husbandry is a very extensive part of overall ship maintenance. Costs can be hidden, but they can be extensive.
Let’s look at this a bit further.
Costs saving starts with the choice of surface materials which will be a hidden cost later, yet can be reduced from the outset by sensible choices. Futureclean Assured Systems can advise you in the likely future cost savings by overlooking your desired choice of surface materials before you buy, in the first instance. Suppose you have a floor covering which looks nice when its new but is difficult to clean (try safety flooring of any type!) and in fact may wear out due to the need for frequent cleaning. If you had asked us, rather than the manufacturer, you would have had a straight answer, but we can design new procedures to prolong the life of such a flooring. This is only one example of the many problems which we have solved for our customers.
What about surface coatings? You can preserve them for longer with the right
Can you use minimum water for cleaning? Ask us! We’ll show you how.
Using our extensive knowledge of surfactants and detergent chemistry we can design bespoke cleaning systems which fulfil all your needs and we guarantee their effectiveness. We think all your needs are likely to be satisfied because we guarantee your satisfaction before we start working with you, and there’s not many that can offer that!

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