Raising cleaning and hygiene skills and standards throughout India

Raising cleaning and hygiene skills and standards throughout India

In 2015 The Cleaning Masterclass (www.cleaningmasterclass.com) established a partnership with the Institute of Cleaning Sciences and Management (ICSM – www.icsmglobal.com) – an innovative and ambitious Indian company. This partnership was born out of a mutual desire to raise the standards of cleaning and hygiene in all the service sectors and provide valuable skills to the unskilled Indian population. Using our extensive cleaning knowledge gained over 20+ years in the industry, with ICSM ambitious drive to promote the Government-backed ‘Clean India Mission’, we are fully able to provide a complete range of cleaner training including training auditing and customised courses across the Indian sub-continent. The Clean India Mission, started by Prime Minister Modi in 2014, is Indian’s biggest ever cleanliness drive involving government departments, public and businesses alike.

As part of our collaborative arrangement we took part in Asia’s largest platform to promote cleaning and the ‘Clean India Mission’- Clean India Pulire 2016 Show (http://www.cleanindiapulire.com) in Mumbai from Jan 21-23. The exhibition featured cleaning products and equipment from all over Asia to the Indian market, including a demonstration of a mophead making machine. Laundry machinery also featured heavily, more so than what you will normally find in the UK exhibitions.

This extremely busy exhibition enabled us to have highly productive discussions with some of India’s largest facilities, including hospitals, hotels, shipping and offshore industries, government departments, and many third sector and colleges providing training to the unskilled market. We look forward to a long and productive partnership as we transform the Indian cleaning and hygiene market.


The Institute of Cleaning Sciences and Management (ICSM) is committed to provide best in class and comprehensive knowledge and research capability in the field of Cleaning Science.

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The Cleaning Masterclass is a complete professional cleaner training provider and advice service, providing a range of cleaning and hygiene and customised courses delivered online or on-site.