Strategic Procurement and Support Consultancy Services

Procurement And Support For Cleaning Services, Systems, Products And Equipment

Cleaning services and cleaning product procurement are a major spend for most organisations. Yet procurement for any cleaning related products and services is difficult to get right and they can cost an organisation much more than originally intended. Cleaning services are often classed as non-productive and the costs are often driven right down to be as low as possible, yet the products and services thus procured are usually so poor, the spend actually becomes much higher than it should actually be.

Futureclean Assured Systems has the expert capability to deliver the following strategic procurement and support services for your organisation.

Organisations spend vast amounts on cleaning services, together with associated costs for products, equipment and ancillary products such as paper towels, soaps, and so on. These costs can be considerable, often some of the largest in your organisation, but much of this money is wasted Many of these contracts are legacy and are often vendor biased. However you will not have the knowledge or the time to review the contract.

Futureclean Assured Systems have a long and practical experience of these type of legacy contracts and you can be assured that we know we can find savings or a more productive use for your money. Futureclean Assured Systems will:

Establish a benchmark for best practice on a clause by clause basis

Produce a practical operation plan of what should be done

Produce a cost savings plan around the existing contract where possible (it usually is).

Services We Offer

Procurement Of Cleaning Products: Benchmarking, Standards And Testing

Buying cleaning products takes skill and knowledge and you may not be aware of what the products should do, or whether they are correct for the particular use you have for them. Futureclean Assured Systems will:

Establish a product testing regime to ensure that cleaning products are fit for purpose and are of consistent quality

Establish procurement standards for the procurement of cleaning products, so that your department has bench marks to work to.

To produce a tender for cleaning services, products or equipment you need to know what you are tendering for and what you should expect. You may need different cleaning products or equipment or a more specialised service than you think. Futureclean Assured Systems will:

Produce the tender documentation

Evaluate and rank bidder responses

Identify the most appropriate tender responses

Negotiate the best terms for you

Ensure that your contract is appropriate for all your future needs.

Tending Support

Current Contract Support

You may be satisfied with your current cleaning contracts but are they really giving value? Are the cleaners trained to be proactive rather than reactive? Could the standards be improved without damaging a good relationship?

Technical support services for the design and procurement process of surface materials for through-life maintenance costs. Our experience is that through life costs are not always considered during the design phase of a project and that the wrong choice can:

Seriously reduce the overall appearance of the area or construct faster than you anticipated

Maintenance costs over the life of the material can unexpectedly impact quite heavily on later budgets

The material’s life is compromised by being of poor quality or not fit for the purpose.that it is intended for.

Technical Support Services

Futureclean Assured Systems Will:

Review your cleaning schedules, objectives and requirements

Train your cleaners in required best practice for your industry

Review and manage your suppliers for you

Renegotiate the contract where necessary to fit in with any changing objectives you may have.

A Guarantee

Futureclean Assured Systems are completely independent of any manufacturers and suppliers so that we guarantee that you will get the best qualified and expert advice, based only on experience and knowledge and not on commercial offers. We have a very wide range of experience for you to draw on and we guarantee to introduce some savings, often quite considerable, on your current cleaning procurement requirements.

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