Think Cleaning: Cleaning Change Management – turning your cleaning system around

Think Cleaning: Cleaning Change Management – turning your cleaning system around

Is your cleaning failing rapidly? Don’t know how to turn things around? Losing contracts everywhere?

  • Do you desperately need help but can’t afford expensive consultancy fees?
  • Did you just change your cleaning company  – to get the same poor cleaning?
  • Do you want a guaranteed cleaning quality assurance system to go with?

think-cleaningWell here’s just what you need. 

Have you been tasked with overlooking your cleaning system? It’s very difficult to change a cleaning system around unless you know how to do it, yet many facilities managers don’t know enough about cleaning to make a success of the job. However the complaints continue to build up and you are facing external hygiene audits, for example. It’s not just food industry which has these problems – schools, hospitality industries, hospitals, facilities managers, among many others, all have problems with cleaning.

This manual shows you exactly what to do, in a logical sequence of steps, to turn around even the most failing cleaning system and keep it working well for years to come. You see we believe that cleaning is vital to everyone’s well being but almost everyone doesn’t really understand it. However if you do know what is needed for a clean, and how one should be done to produce the very best in high standards of cleaning at all times, then turning a failing system around is – well not easy but not that difficult either. This manual has been written for those tasked with overlooking their cleaning system to give a lot of background guidance, information and some very unexpected ways of turning the cleaning into a well – managed system.

Oh and did we mention that it has its own built-in cleaning quality assurance system which virtually guarantees successful cleaning anywhere?

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A well –established cleaning consultancy packing many years experience in hands on cleaning and consultancy in a very wide range of industries. We almost certainly know what your problems are. We know how to correct them and this manual shows you how you can learn the exact steps we would take to solve your cleaning problems and put a new system in place.