Think Cleaning: The Change Management Programme

Think Cleaning: The Change Management Programme

Putting change management into your hands

Oh we are proud of this one! Change Management can be tricky, now how difficult can change management be for the cleaning? No-one likes change and it is usually incredibly difficult to get it right, but it’s do-able when you know how to do it! And Futureclean does.

Think Cleaning

The Change Management Programme

So lets look at the Think Cleaning programme in more detail. The programme can be provided in one of two scenarios:

  • By using Futureclean as a primary consultancy, or,
  • By putting you and your company onto our broad – based programme where you with guidance from us essentially become your own cleaning change consultant.

Understand that If we, as consultants, conducted a full survey of your facility cleaning system then we would identify all the flaws to you and would suggest changes which you should make, You would not then take any notice of what we said, despite an extremely detailed report (and we write extremely detailed reports – believe it).

What you will do then, is to go back to your old ways of doing things until the same old problems appear again – that external hygiene audit, the threat of legal action because of dirt and filth lying around, the loss of customers because the facility is just dirty, the new hygiene regulations which you will have to put in place.

Then you do need to take another course – which means that you need to look at the facility cleaning system yourself. You yourself need to find out what it is you actually need from the cleaning, very much as a consultancy would tell you, because we will show you what to look for.

The benefits of this approach are legion:

  • You begin to understand what exactly is behind your cleaning needs – not so much what a stranger thinks you need. You will be informed and therefore not ripped off by salesmen. (we believe in giving our customers the best and most honest advice based on what you need; not everyone does this)
  • You can control your cleaning spend because you will know exactly what to do about it and what you need
  • Very few people understand anything about cleaning – you will, with our help, and you take this knowledge to improve the conditions in your facility
  • You are there in the facility and can make changes as and when you need rather than relying on an outsiders time.

What do you get from “Think Cleaning” ?

  • The best advice available
  • Continuous support over 12 months
  • An individual programme for you to follow – you provide the information we need to set up the programme for you
  • Training arranged where needed (it usually is) on our own platform