Why Is Ship Sanitation Important?

Why Is Ship Sanitation Important?

The aim of ship sanitation procedures is to remove the possibility of severe bacterial or viral infection on ship’s staff (and their guests) whether through illness brought on board, through poor hygiene practices or failures in cleaning.

Ships moving through the Gulf and in other warmer waters may be inadvertently carrying infection, ships hosting guests from outside, whether for hospitality or visits, almost certainly will be carrying some form of infection after the visit ends.

Infection will come from infected water supplies, bunkered from some countries, unclean water tanks and pipe work, residual infections occur in shower heads and hoses, wet vents and cooker exhausts, lift shafts. It is not only food – borne infections which can cause problems. Many potential sources of infection are, as highlighted, from unexpected places, including that bar you visited last night.

Sanitation procedures are linked to good cleaning and hygiene practice (GHP) in order to get the possibility of infection to as low as reasonably possible (ALARP); to make them effective as possible, a robust approach should be taken. No area of the ship should be taken out of context. A ship-wide approach is the most effective and it should not be limited to galleys and sick bays.

Futureclean Assured Systems can establish for you, a fully compliant ship sanitation procedure for all vessels.

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